Charity football match

Toilet Twinning 'flushed' with cash thanks to Hempnall Football Club

On Saturday 24th May Hempnall Football Club teamed up with the Hempnall Group of Parishes to organis a charity football match. £281 was raised for the charity Toilet Twinning. 

The Hempnall Group of Parishes has chosen to support Toilet Twinning throughout the 50th anniversary Group celebrations.  

Many former Hempnall Football Club players returned to take part in the charity match, and Revd Liz Billet took part in the coin toss at the start of the game. The teams were named with a toilet theme: 'Bog Standard Liège’ and ‘Royal Flush Rovers’. Many local supporters turned out for this event, including an escaped dog from a neighbouring garden, unable to score a goal, but very good at dribbling!

With some ‘older’ players joining the team it was decided to have roll on / off subs and three 30 minutes instead of the usual two 45 minutes. The game ended Royal Flush Rovers 3 – Bog Standard Liège 1.

There were toilets on display near the football pitch filled with footballs to bring the link of the football club and the Toilet Twinning charity together. A highlight of the day was a little boy announcing to his Mum ‘There’s outside toilets here Mummy, its great’ – not so great for those cleaning up afterwards!

The game ended and everyone gathered together to enjoy the BBQ, homemade cakes and bar. The money was divided between Toilet Twinning and Hempnall Football Club; an impressive 4.6 toilets can now be purchased with the raised £281.86 for Toilet Twinning. 


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