Our services

Pattern of services 

The eight churches are in use, though some are used only in summer. Forthcoming services are listed in the diary on the Welcome page, and in the Calendar.

The first Sunday of the month is usually a Group Service.

Lay involvement

There is well developed formal involvement of lay people. We have a good number of Lay Deacons and Eucharistic Ministers. These have received some local training and are licensed by the Bishop to assist in the Eucharist and serve in the Sanctuary. They lead the first part of the service. The Eucharistic Ministers may also take the sacrament to people’s homes for communion and to a local residential home.

Non-eucharistic services may be led by Lay Deacons. There are also many people who read lessons and write and lead intercessions.

Style of worship

Common Worship and the new Lectionary are normally used. The Book of Common Prayer is used for for some 8am Communion services. Inspirational and unusual services are offered on special occasions. The clergy robe in appropriate colours. We consider ourselves to be ‘middle-of-the-road’ Anglicans. Incense is very rarely used.


There is a group choir that performs on special occasions. There are eight organists in the Group who will play at different churches. Occasionally a group of young people will play for us. Where there is no organist available we sing to a CD or sing unaccompanied.

Families welcome!

All congregations welcome children coming with their parents and there are some services especially for them. We hold Crib Services in three churches, and an annual family picnic for the Lammas service in August. Hempnall, Woodton and Morningthorpe each have a children's corner in the church.

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