We love to welcome new members into the church family! Baptism can happen at any age – really! Some wait until their eighties. When a child is baptised this is often called a Christening.

Baptism normally happens at the main service on a Sunday morning, so that the church family can welcome its new member. It's not only the parents and godparents who make promises – the church family makes its own promises to support and pray for the child and the parents and godparents.

Towards the end of the service, the priest will offer the child (or, more probably, one of the parents or godparents!) a lighted candle. This is a present for the child to keep, a reminder that Jesus, the Light of the World, has come into the child's life. We like to suggest that you light the candle on the anniversary of the child's baptism. What a special day when the child is old enough to light it for herself!

These symbols are explained in greater detail on the Church of England's Baptism page, so do look them up. The page also has a links to other resources, such as a description of what it means to become a godparent, some interviews with parents who decided to have their children baptised, and some FAQs about baptism.

Please contact us and we will be happy to come and meet with you and your family to discuss your child's baptism and start to plan it.

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